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Tea Roses and Doggerel

Many fandoms. Occasional reviews. No rutabagas.
Apr 24 '14


Bucky was always there for Steve. He taught him to fight, looked out for him, set him up on dates… and in ‘38 when Steve’s mom died, Bucky Barnes was always there to pick up the pieces. Now it’s 2014– and when Bucky comes home, shell-shocked and broken, Steve finally has a chance to return the favour. (A sort of continuation/explanation of this! )

Apr 24 '14



A coffee pot can be a coffee mug if you just don’t fucking care


Apr 24 '14

Deleted lines from the Thor script #166

  • Thor: Loki. What are you doing here?
  • Loki: I had to see you.
  • Thor: What's happened? Tell me, is it Jotunheim? Let me explain to Father...
  • Loki: Father is dead.
  • Thor: What?
  • Loki: Your banishment, that time you spoiled all the A Song of Ice and Fire books while drunk, the discovery that I'm really a Frost Giant, the fact that we ran out of Nutella... It was all too much for him to bear.
  • Thor:
  • Thor: Wait, what?
  • Loki:
  • Thor: We ran out of Nutella...? My gods... What have we been putting in the bacon sandwiches?
  • Loki: Fig jam.
  • Thor: Euurgh.
Apr 24 '14

I love these new "type these words into your tags box and post the first tag that automatically pops up" thingies, so fun. Let’s do another one:

  • can’t
  • don’t
  • first
  • help
  • please
  • one
  • my
  • will
  • stop
  • get
  • honestly
  • I’m

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Apr 24 '14



[tries to crowd surf at a TED talk]

Apr 24 '14



some of excentrique’s summer ‘11 collection; the librarian.


Apr 23 '14
"We now know that 24 hours without sleep, or a week of sleeping four or five hours a night induces an impairment equivalent to a blood alcohol level of .1 percent. We would never say, ‘This person is a great worker! He’s drunk all the time!’ yet we continue to celebrate people who sacrifice sleep for work."
Apr 23 '14


another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up

  • she
  • he
  • they
  • im
  • yea
  • well
  • if
  • ok
Apr 23 '14

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Apr 23 '14


Can we have another “Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.” post with the words

  • their 
  • okay
  • but
  • though
  • say
  • no
  • and
  • left
  • around
  • me
Apr 23 '14




Deadpool #10

is deadpool even a real comic

My neighbor tried to tell me Deadpool wasn’t a little gay and when i mentioned Spiderman he went “yeah, yeah okay.”

Apr 23 '14
Apr 23 '14
Apr 23 '14


Dining Etiquette Around The World, an infographic by Restaurant Choice

via Feel Design

are these relevant or clichés to you?

Apr 23 '14


Wall-E is single handedly one of the best romance films of all time.

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