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"Kaylee is kind of the heart of the piece. That is to say, when she believes a thing, I believe it. When Jewel says, ‘This person is a good person’, I’m like, ‘Yes, because you think so.’ She’s supposed to be the soul of the ship." - Joss Whedon

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Here are the Friday Feels you didn’t even know you ordered. Enjoy!

For all its snappy one-liners and rousing chases through deep space, Firefly is most beautiful—and most effective—in its simplicity. The show envisions the depths of outer space and humankind’s very future into the classic setting of for any Western, and does it so with the utmost elegance. Firefly’s space is the space of an untamed frontier, shattered by outlaws, vigilantes and lawmen. It’s a rough and tumble place, a future made primitive, where the progress of mankind means trudging through plenty of cow flops, and making victims out of whole societies of innocent people. It’s the American Old West writ large, and there’s perhaps no surprise in the fact that every planet that the motley crew of the Serenity touches down upon looks like it could have been pulled from Monument Valley or the scrub plains of Oklahoma. - Ian Chant






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All right, can I take a minute to talk about why Kaylee Frye is perfect? She’s an unkempt beauty that no one tries to dress up, she’s a tomboy with no regrets about her girly streak, she’s just “I love the floofy dress, I want the floofy dress, look at me being damned cute in my floofy dress,” her overalls have cute things like teddy bears, and she wears pink, and florals, and she’s the sweet, nice girl, who’s also sexual, she literally met Mal while having sex with someone, she spends the whole damned series trying to get laid, she comments that she masturbates (“Ain’t had nothing twixt my nethers weren’t run on batteries”) and it’s no big deal, and is 100% supportive of Inara (“Have good sex!”)

She’s not pigeonholed into anything other than being really cheerful, and great with engines. 

The more I hear about Firefly, the more I think I should finally give it a shot…


My appreciation for Kaylee Frye is never-ending. I nearly died of joy right on the spot when my English housemate once asked me if I’d watched Firefly because I “reminded [him] of the mechanic”.

She’s a wonderfully dynamic character.

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Even when you’re covered in engine grease… you’re… No es- especially, especially when you’re covered in engine grease.

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A firefly bag, drawn freehand with deco fabric and other fabric markers. 

Dude, this is hand drawn and she also has Doctor Who and Iron Man pieces. Color me impressed.